About gagesinspire

gages is a independent art collective set up by Rubberpixy and Messland in 2006.

The name comes from the Shanghainese phonetic pronunciation ‘plus’ (Ga) and ‘minus’ (Ge). Hence gages’ vision is to create interesting projects, contrast and objects – by adding to and deducting from various artists and their work.

In 2009 gages sets up a website, which will be irregularly updated with collected works of graphic, illustration, graffiti, technology, animation, video,  fashion, photography, contemporary art, music and movies etc. In their effort to record every bit and piece of creativity and culture which catches their imagination.

gages’ vision is to relentlessly present the latest and most unique works of art to the public. Objectivity is paramount and you will not find baseless reverence and sacrilege here.

This is the very first step, gages will feature specific topics  soon enough. As and when you find new work that inspires, please contact us through wearegages@gmail.com and MSN: iamrubberpixy@hotmail.com

The gages site aim to provide information and content from other websites. If there are any offence caused and/or interest infringed by any of our comments and content within the site, please contact us and we will gladly oblige within reason and time. Thank you!




2009年,gages推出了自己的网络平台:gages inspire,两位主理人和其他3成员还有不固定的撰稿人们将不定时的搜集并发布来自世界各地的平面设计、插画、涂鸦、城市艺术、网站、新技术、动画、视频、时尚、活动、摄影、当代艺术、音乐、电影等等富有创新精神的作品与事物,旨在纪录创意和文化的点点滴滴。

2011年,gages inspire 推出了新的板块 gages interview,每周都将会邀请一些有态度的艺术家设计师音乐人等来聊聊他们的故事,为的是能更好的展示当下创意文化人的生活状态和生存境遇。


gages刚迈出了第一步,目前我们仅仅提供最新最具创意的咨询信息,但随后我们将会不定期的制作并发布更多特别专题。一旦你发现任何新鲜事物或激动人心的作品,请随时通过mail: wearegages@gmail.com 和MSN: iamrubberpixy@hotmail.com与我们取得联系。

作为一个提供咨询服务的网站,gages所发布的内容均来自网络,并完将努力严格遵守CC协议。如果我们的文章和所发布的内容,无意间触及了您的利益,请您谅解并及时联系我们,我们将会在最短时间内予以更正。 谢谢。