Engaging or wild, funny, exhilarating, drop dead beautiful, stylish or sophisticated and putting the audience in the right mood. Title sequences at the beginning or at the end of a movie are in some cases the most entertaining part. Here are some of them, which we really love and are without any doubt a masterpieces. Some of the selection are official, some are unofficial.

In case you`re interested and seeking more detailed or technical information, inspiration or approach during design process, check out these sites: or Enjoy them full screen and out loud!

Pacific [2010]

Artists of Imaginary Forces used the history of battlefield sketchers as inspiration, and hand drew the likenesses of the soldiers in the film to create a poetic opening title sequence. In addition to this, they designed and animated maps within the miniseries as well as produced the epilogue to the series.

Imaginary Forces – The Pacific from Imaginary Forces on Vimeo.

Good Omens [2010]

This end-title sequence are for fictional film, “Good Omens,” based on the book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett made by Steven Wood.

“Good Omens” end title sequence from Steven Wood on Vimeo.

Sherlock Holmes [2009]

Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes” title sequence are full of watery cobblestone images and longitudinal linotype layers.Check out the interview with creative director Danny Yount on

Rubicon [2010]

Rubicon is a movie revolving around government conspiracies and insider secrets and those titles beautifully reflect the idea. Design and animation by Imaginary Forces.

Rubicon intro from Daniel H on Vimeo.

300 (The Movie) [2006]

Reminds us that this movie is at the end based on graphic novel. Excellently capturing the atmosphere. Design, animation and better quality video check at

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang [2005]

Seattle PI said it clearly : “It starts out with a delightful ’60s-retro title sequence; it makes especially evocative use of its ’50s-era L.A. locations; and, throughout, it’s skillfully composed and shot to effect the style of ’40s film noir.” Creative Director Danny Yount.

Spider Man 3 [2007]

Re-caps the first two movies in pictures as well as referencing to the style of the first two title sequences, while incorporating new elements of the ‘goo’ and the sand to foreshadow. Designed by Kyle Cooper.

Mummy: Thomb of the Dragon Emperor [2010]

Stylish adaptation of Chinese calligraphy splattered ink. The art of Karin Fong and Steve Fuller.

Mummy 3 End Title Sequence from Jeremy Cox on Vimeo.

Dean Spanley [2008]

Inspired and influenced by the graphic style from Victorian art and crafts, Indian paisley designs and William Morris wood block prints. Designed and produced by

Human Target [2010]

Based on the popular comic book and graphic novel, Human Target is an action show where a man make himself a “human target” in order to save the lives of others. Designed by artists of Imaginary Forces.