The peaceful revolution and the Fall of the Berlin Wall were also a result as well as catalysts for the profound changes that gripped Germany and Europe at the end of the 1980s. On you can now share your thoughts on the historic Fall of the Wall and post a wish for the future. Just use the hashtag #fotw on twitter and after a while your message will appear on the twitterwall.

By clicking “stop” and “play”, older messages (tweets) will be shown. A click on the cameras up on the wall will show a selection of the domino-artwork that will fall in a symbolic act on November 9th 2009 at the “Fest der Freiheit” (festival of freedom) at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.


今天(2009年10月25日)是柏林墙倒塌20年的纪念日。德国网民为了纪念柏林墙倒塌20年建了个纪念性的网站 Berlintwitterwall.Com,这个简单的WEB2.0网站提供了非常好的TWITTER接口,推友只需在推文中加上 #FOTW,该条推文就会被自动添加到该网站上,推友们的留言呈现走马灯似的流动。目前很多中国用户在上面大肆的发表言论,极其壮观。但口径很统一,就是正在抨击我们的那堵墙~~

theberlinwall is an initiative of Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH within the festivities of Berlin’s 20-year anniversary of the Fall of the Wall.

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